Nuxt.js is a framework for creating universal vue.js applications. It is a free and open source javascript library. The goal of nuxt.js is to assist vue.js developers so that they can avail top flight technologies, fast, easy and in an organized way. Nuxt is simulated by Next.js which is a similar framework based on React.js.


Why Nuxt.js?

Nuxt.js simplifies the development of universal or single page vue apps. It is a very powerful framework.


Without Any Hassle Create Universal Apps

Due to a lot of configuration it gets exhausting to build a universal application. Nuxt.js aims to solve this problem for vue applications. Nuxt.js framework makes it easier to share codes between clients and server. As a result developers can focus on application’s logic.


Having Conveniences of Universal Apps Without a Server

Nuxt.js benefits the same as universal apps. Pages are loaded very quickly. It gets easier for search engines and social media crawlers to crawl through websites. Everything is generated previously.


Automatic Code Splitting

Nuxt.js framework is able to run code splitting easily. With Nuxt.js framework it is possible to build a static version of your website. With each statically generated page, the route has its own javascript files. Also the code to run that route.


Easily Routes Transitions

Vue got a Wrapper <transition> element. You can create transitions among pages very effortlessly with Nuxt.js framework as it fixes your routes in a way that each page gets wrapped in a <transition> element.


Large Community Support

Nuxt.js has great community support. The community helps to get the most benefits while using this framework. Also with this growing community you can keep track of new development strategies.


Why is Nuxt.js a Good Framework Choice?

Nuxt.js framework has great features that makes the development of vue applications a much nicer experience. Features such as SEO improvement with its server rendering feature, faster development with auto generic router, public share feature, management with great configuration options, meta tags methods, automatic code splitting with pre-rendered pages have made this framework significant than other frameworks. Nuxt.js is the right choice if you want to build your application with the best technology.